Many Languages One Voice DC selected as Project Beneficiary

Recipes for Resilience, community cookbook project is at the intersection of civic ignition and art. The purpose of the project was to collect, share, stories, and recipes of refugee and migrant women living in the greater Washington DC area. We are doing this by producing a beautifully illustrated cookbook, which can help amplify the voices of the women, more importantly, support the work of frontline migrant justice work in the community. To this end, the project is pleased to announce that Many Languages One Voice (MLOV) will be beneficiary of proceeds from the sale of the Recipes for Resilience cookbooks.

Many Languages One Voice (MLOV) is an immigrant-led and immigrant-based movement organization, building power within the District of Columbia. MLOVE’s mission is to foster leadership and provide tools for greater civic participation of immigrants in D.C. who do not speak English as their primary language in solutions that impact their lives. MLOV administers the D.C. Language Access Coalition, an alliance of 41 community-based and civil rights organizations. Formed in 2002, the Coalition advocates for language access rights within D.C. as well as other social justice issues that affect local immigrant communities.

MLOV’s focused work with historically marginalized migrant communities to deliver lasting social, political, and economic change is the reason they are this project’s beneficiary. We are proud to support their work. Help support migrant justice work by pre-ordering a cookbook today, or donating what you can.