Recipes for Resilience is a community project at the intersection of cuisine, culture, and civic engagement. The project created a community cookbook that will take you on a fantastic food journey, rich with traditions of the homes, refugee, and migrant women living in the National Capital Region left behind.

Why this project? Because all people deserve to be safe from harm and treated with fairness and dignity. As armed conflicts and environmental disasters drive record numbers of people to seek refuge, many face human rights violations, discrimination, and exploitation. In the United States, the tenor of the discourse surrounding refugees and migrants is in dire need of voices that remind us of the universality of our stories. Everyone has a memory of their favorite dish that evokes comfort and transport back to the warmth of home.

This project is rooted in intersectional feminism and focuses specifically on women because migrant and refugee women experience so many added vulnerabilities. They face significant risks of gender-based violence and sexual exploitation. According to the United Nations, 71 percent of all human trafficking victims are migrant women and girls. The goal of this project is to increase resilience for the refugee and migrant women through creating community.

Join us on this journey.