Can you name five women artists? | The Stream

March 10, 2020: Today we were featured as an endcap in the conversation about longstanding gender inequity in the art world with visionary women in the field: Aida Muluneh, Contemporary artist and photographer, Myrtis Bedolla, Founding Director, Galerie Myrtis and Chaédria LaBouvie, Curator, Acclaimed Basquiat Exhibition at the Guggenheim on AJ+’s The Stream.

This came at the heels of Each of Equal, the International Women’s Day art show we curated for the launch of Recipes for Resilience. In keeping with the spirit of the project, we are proud to say that over 75% of the artists in the show are immigrant women. The show is on until March 26 at The Cheshire DC. 

Watch the full segment here.